Temptations-cakes handcrafted with Love

Name of business: Temptations-cakes handcrafted with Love

Propreitor: Mrs.Nupur Daga

Products and Services: Handcrafted Homemade cakes cupcakes muffins Cookies

Description: Our cakes are hand crafted, Home baked and frosted with Love. Therefore every cake is unique, exquisite and custom designed. “Temptations” bake wonderful celebration cakes suitable for any and every type of event from birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, cupcakes, cookies, Muffins, and lot more. Our company has a Young Interior Designer behind it with a passion for food and a desire for indulgent treats to fit into a healthy and aware lifestyle. Taste is first and foremost for us when we’re creating our recipes and hence We use premium ingredients. For Vegans we bake cake without eggs which is not a cakewalk for others. At “Temptations” we feel that cakes are baked to spread sweetness. Whatever the reason or season is, our cakes and confections will spread the sweetness and that’s our Mission. So Surprise someone…send a cake instead of flowers. It tastes better and can be shared too!!! A days notice is all we require for most of our cakes!

Address with Area: Sahakarnagar , Pune 411009

Contact: 9561972051, 7350569696

Mode of Ordering: Call to order

Shipping: Available

Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/temptationsforcake/


Email: temtationforcakes@gmail.com


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