Puneri Thaska Facebook Group

Name of business: Puneri Thaska Facebook Group

Propreitor (your Name): Dr Shweta Kakade

Products and Services: Facebook group

Description: Pune women are known for speaking their mind. Wheather you live in pune at present, will be moving to pune anytime, or have lived in pune ever; This group is for you.This is a group dedicated to all the women who have a heart for Pune city! We can share all the puneri information with each other. Those abroad can stay in touch with Pune through this group. You will have easy solution to all your queries when you visit home!! So let us all “puneri muli” get together and share our experiences, reviews, appreciations , thoughts and everything else here!! Please feel free to add all your girl friends and family so we can build our strength. Welcome !! 😊 We accept only personal profiles. Please don’t send request from business profiles. We expect participation from our members. 

Address with Area: Pune

Contact: 1234567890

Mode of Ordering: Facebook

Shipping: NA

Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/punerithaska/

Website: https://m.facebook.com/groups/196958507335315

Email: puneri.thaska@gmail.com


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